“In the light of the multiple crises and sustained funding cuts the performing arts are currently experiencing, it has become evident that the sector needs to reform. But solutions to the problems we are currently facing can neither be found, nor implemented, if the very people who are affected by these changes, the people who are working in the performing arts, are left out of this debate.

Information and the possibility for interaction between artists,  arts policy makers and arts administrators need to be facilitated so that the people who devote their lives to the performing arts are empowered to step up and take part in shaping its future. The current moment is pivotal, as our actions will define the role the performing arts will play for generations to come.”

– Gloria Benedikt  (Founder) – October 2012

– If you are working in the dance field and would like to find out more about the latest performing arts funding developments, this platform is for you.

– If you would like to understand what drives performing arts policy, this platform is for you.

– If you would like to understand better how political and economic events impact funding of the performing arts, this platform is for you.

– If you would like to determine what role you can play in shaping the sector’s future, this platform is for you.

– If you would like to ask questions, share your thoughts or engage in debate with others in the field, this platform is for you.



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