Executive Presence in Communicating With Power and Authority

People who have excellent executive presence are very good at consistently projecting the following abilities to their viewers:

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Honesty: The appearance of honesty, through the willingness and skill to constructively tell it like it is. 

Simplicity: The ability to tell your story in an automatically clear and compelling way.

Frankness: The appearance of not prejudging, of being willing to consider another point of view.

Passion: The expression of commitment, motivation, and drive that shows people you really believe in what you do.

Assurance: The look of complexity, conveying a background of education and experience.

Self-confidence: The air of assurance, such that others know you have the required strength and resolve.

Authenticity: The conviction of believing in and sense what you say.

Reflection: The projection of thinking or of having thought something before responding.

Friendliness: The arrival of being nearby to others and of being interested in them.

It is correct that you cannot give what you have not received or experienced. Leaders who learn to lead from the inside because better results and transform their company culture, with grace and ease. Transformed and inspired people, who happen to be leaders, are equipped to transform and inspire others. When others observe your brilliance, it often empowers them to discover their own.

Let your presentation breathe: Don't parcel so much into your presentation that you rush through in order to fit everything in. That will give you time for change-ups and help the audience as well. Remember we hear much faster than we process information. 

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