Gingham Table Cloths are Evergreen

It seems like everyone today knows what a gingham table cloth generally looks like. Pictures of Italian eateries and picnic tables are probably the things that best describe such a variety of table cloths. Because of its popularity, more and more people are now looking for fresh options on how they can use such table cloths.

A gingham table cloth is often characterized by a checkered pattern. The usual pattern is made up of white and other vibrant color. Since the 18th century, the gingham fabric has widely been used for variety of purposes. It was the blue and white pattern that was initially available at that time. Today, all the basic colors are present in every gingham fabric. The red gingham fabric has established a reputation of being a common sight in restaurants as covers for tables and chairs. It is also popular on picnic and outdoor tables. Some say that the popularity of red gingham can be attributed to the fact that red is an appetite-inducing color. Whenever one sees a red gingham fabric, food is likely to become his next thought. This is probably the reason why most restaurants, especially the Italian cafs, adopt this kind of fabric for their table cloths.

These days, gingham table cloths are manufactured from a variety of durable materials. Cotton, vinyl and polyester are just some of the common materials that are used for manufacturing gingham table cloths. Each material has its own advantage and disadvantage. However, your choice of table cloth should basically depend on your needs.

When shopping for the right gingham table cloths, it is best to assess the kind of material first. Cotton gingham table cloths are great for formal table settings. Its soft texture creates a fantastic appeal to the tables. The only downside of cotton gingham is that some stains can easily get into the fabric; although you can wash them after use. On the other hand, vinyl gingham table cloths are more resistant to stains. You can simply wipe off beverage spills from the surface of a vinyl table cloth. Because it is made of plastic, the spills and stains will simply run off its surface. Vinyl table cloths are ideal for tables that are under the shelter since exposure to heat creates damage to the surfaces.

Aside from the make, buyers should also consider the color of the gingham fabric when shopping for table cloths. You might have noticed that the red gingham is used very often to the extent of being cliched. If you want to inject a new look into your patio table, you can use a yellow gingham table cloth. It has a bright, sunny look that is perfect for the outdoors. This is a good break from the typical red gingham fabric. You can also use blue and green as fresh alternatives to the red gingham table cloths. Black gingham is also a good option if you want to create a more stylish setting.


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