Know More About Email Tracking

SPAM filters, whitelists, ISP inbound email rules and other states which are outside of your control may impact the real delivery of your email message. You can also visit for info regarding email tracking.

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Statistics suggest that as much as 20 percent of email never reaches the intended receiver due to technical roadblocks. You can decrease that undeliverable rate by following these hints:

Obtaining Your Mail

Request your listing members to include your own "From" address for their SPAM management program's Whitelist. Always send your email from the exact same address each time.

Get Your Email Opened

If you're sending HTML-based email, then measuring opening speeds is simple. Rather than embedding your logo or other pictures on your email, create Picture tags that load the pictures from the server.

Picture Tracking

Create an exceptional picture for every single effort. This way you won't get confused when you analyze your own results. You don't need to use a huge image so as to make an effective tracking strategy.

File Naming

Produce a meaningful file name which will allow you to easily connect the picture download requests into the effort that created it.

If your title or number your efforts, utilize the exact same name or number as your file name. Otherwise, name the document following the date which the effort was implemented.

Inserting The Graphic

Add the picture to the exact base of this email so as to prevent false opening speeds generated by those using an email reading panel to preview the first few lines of the messages without even opening them.

Setup Your Inbox Application

Ensure your host logs or visitors creation logs are all configured to demonstrate picture requests. Some will just report page perspectives.

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