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Worldwide commerce in certain specialized and bulk commodities can be conducted with chartered (hired) vessels that allow for increased flexibility and management of the transaction chain to both buyer and seller. You can also visit for info regarding shipping insurance.

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Most boats will be chartered by one of three principal approaches:

  • "Voyage" - employ of the boat for a specific voyage.
  • "Time" - employ a boat for a particular interval
  • "Bareboat" or "Demise" employ - taking over and running the boat as if possessed.

This biography presents a number of the insurance problems concerning Voyage and Time Charters Obligation and highlights the principal gap to Bareboat Charters.

Voyage and Time Charters

Chartering a boat to get a voyage, the string of voyages or a predetermined time period is a frequent practice in a number of the specialized (e.g. Project Cargo) and bulk freight trades (e.g. Grain, Fertiliser, and Minerals).

This contractual accountability is based on the mutual agreement of the parties under a record referred to as a Charter-party (A charter-party is a contract where all or a part of a boat will be allowed for a specified ship or a predetermined time).

 The Charter-party will put out the duties of charterer and boat owner and will frequently take the kind of a typical document created for a particular transaction by a Trade Association.

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