Home Sales in Coldwell Increase by 13% in February

An article that was published in the Halifax Chronical Herald a few days before stated that existing home sales in Caldwell were up by 13 percent in February compared to January. This is according to the Multiple Listing Service amounts that were just released by our association. If you want some more information about Crested Butte homes for sale go to web. According to newspaper Post yesterday we have not seen the dramatic decrease in sales and home prices that they have seen in other parts of the country.

Home Sales in Coldwell Increase by 13% in February

These stats are seasonally adjusted that take into account the number of days per month and also slow winter sales. Without these adjustments, the increase in MLS sales would have been a whopping 48% month over month(January was pretty slow this year in comparison to other years)! NSAR stated that would have been the greatest jump for that period in a decade.

So it appears that buyers are coming out of the woodwork to purchase. Whether it is due to incentives such as the new homeowner tax credit or the low-interest rates that are the driving factors. 1 thing is for sure. Our brokerage is becoming busier and busier every day. The phone is ringing, people are beginning to want to appear at houses and much more supplies are being made.

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