Drying Flowers In A Microwave

There are many ways of drying flowers depending upon the types of flowers that you may be using together with how fast you want them dried. One of the most effective ways to quickly dry flowers is through the use of a microwave. And here is how you do it. First pour about an inch of the silica gel into a shallow microwave safe container.

Prepare your flowers by trimming off all but about a quarter inch of the stem. Set the flowers face up in the gel so the back of the flower rests on the surface. Very slowly, pour more gel over the flower, taking care, so that the petals don't get distorted. Continue adding more gel until the flowers are completely covered. The timing and heat level requires some trial and error because each flower is different.

Start with a little less than half power or use the defrost setting. Run for one or two minutes and stop to check progress. Run for another minute and check again. The blossoms will get overly brittle if they're heated too long. When the flowers are dry, here's how to remove them. Tip the container to the side so the crystals slide away then gently lift the flowers from underneath. Use a fine brush to remove any gel from the petals and to keep the flowers from reabsorbing moisture, you can spray them with an acrylic sealer.

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