Can A Memory Foam Mattress Get Dust Mites?

Have you noticed that your old mattress has begun to have a nasty musty smell about it? That's because when you sleep on a mattress for so long, eventually the body odor will accumulate and make it smell bad. If you have a bad smelling mattress, you can just about bed it is also covered in dust mites. You know, those tiny little bugs that like to live in moist places where there is dead skin cells hanging around? Yeah, those things.

Just about the only way you can get rid of the dust mites and the smell in an old mattress is to toss it out and get a new one. However, if you do get a brand new mattress, what is to prevent it from eventually getting a bad smell and dust mites too? If you buy the same old fashioned mattress made from cotton, it will.

For a better sleep at night and possibly avoiding the dust mite issue, you can check out and get more information about whether or not a new memory foam mattress can help you avoid dust mites. As for a smelly mattress, just shower at night before you lie down, that's about all you can do to reduce body odor on your bedding!

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