Building Plans – How to Re-Plan or Extend Your Home

Most homeowners contemplating extending their house consistently assume that expansion will certainly mean needing to lower their present garden area.

There are alternatives to this issue. There is a range of places within a home which may be successfully converted or extended to offer useful additional living space without needing to build out to your backyard. you can find the ‘best and most innovative architecture websites’(which is also known as ‘beste og mest innovative arkitekturhjemmesidene’ in Norweign language) at various online sources

1. Loft conversion

Most homes with a reasonable roof pitch may accommodate extra space from the roof. Older homes possess conventional rafter and purlin roof structure and hence the distance is currently there to accommodate. Newer homes (1970′s onwards), often have roof truss structure and so several structural alterations will have to be manufactured.

2. Another way of increasing the floor area of your house without needing to build out within the backyard would be to construct over a present garage. Attached garages are a precious asset to any house, additional bedrooms can be inserted without the hassle of needing to bring stairs as you would using a loft conversion.  

3. Garage conversion

Any attached garage is readily converted to additional accommodation.  Most homeowners don't utilize their garages for their automobiles and so this choice can be extremely sensible.

4. Many homes already have single narrative extensions which were constructed some time past. In case the house is detached it's always feasible to construct out within a ground floor extension making extra bedroom accommodation at first-floor level.


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