Dimmable LED Power Supply With Wireless Intelligent Control

An LED dimmable power supply can not only supply power to the DC dimming signal lights but also their output to an LED. 

According to the DC output types, there are two types of LED power supply, constant voltage, and constant current. Different dimming input and output interfaces are also available.

Constant voltage was suitable for LED lamps with a DC input voltage fixed and variable input current. The constant current one is suitable for LED lamps with fixed DC input current and the input voltage is variable. Get more info about the Dimmable LED Power supply via http://www.mechashop.com/.

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RF wireless interface is a new interface that controls the dimming input dimmable drivers with remote.

Dimmable LED driver has a built-in receiver that receives the signal and converts it to the PWM frequency is used for dimming. It is the perfect solution for intelligent home lighting control.

Airwaves for a variety of different countries and regions, you must select the appropriate state or local requirements. Remote and receiver must have the same frequency. The power supply receives the signal and converts it to the frequency of the PWM to dim the LED lights are connected.

A dimmable LED power supply quality will have the following features. The first is a high power factor, which means the power is doing useful work. The second is a high efficiency, which defines how energy efficient a driver is. 

Both of them are the most important parameters. The third is a wide dimming range, power supplies with a full dimming range from 0-100% is the best choice. Forth is smooth dimming without flickering, especially under low brightness level.

Many power supplies have been flickering phenomenon when performing the dimming operation, which can damage the led lights or reduce the battery life.

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