Types of Air Compressor

The task of the compressor is to compress the air conditioning system refrigerant flow and reaches the compressor. After compression, the refrigerant moving toward the expansion valve, and then to the evaporator of the air conditioning or refrigeration unit. 

There are mainly four types of air compressors that are used for air-conditioning machines and for cooling purposes. This includes reciprocating, rotary, scroll and screw.

Reciprocating: Today,reciprocating air compressors and rotary compressors are the most popular choice. The piston or reciprocating compressors provide easy maintenance and can work easily in the highest pressure. They can be noisy.

Screw: Screw air compressor has a screw that mesh with one another and compress the system refrigerant. Screw compressors use less power than reciprocating compressors. 

They suffer from a short life cycle of operation but offers the best efficiency and performance figures. And if you want to know more about screw air compressor, visit www.consumableparts.com/main/products/screw-air-compressor.

Rotary: Rotary air compressor, on the other hand, has a rotor which rotates in the direction opposite to each other, and the air goes between them began the greater pressure. 

The rotary compressor has a larger capacity, and if you are looking for a compressor that must be included in the air conditioning systems of a large office or in industrials set-up, then this is worth buying. They are more expensive but have a lower noise during their operation.

Scroll: The air compressor uses a spiral disk for compressing the refrigerant. These compressors work in a smooth and calm manner. They had the best efficiency as well. These compressors are mostly used in cars and in commercial refrigeration.

While buying an air compressor, you should take notice of certain points that provide for effective purchasing. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the compressors listed above.

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