Expert Tips On Restoring Old Building Brick Masonry In Melbourne

Do you need to maintain the old building brick masonry of your home? Well, you need to know a few important things in order to properly restore it. Regular maintenance is required to keep bricks in inappropriate shape for long. What if brick masonry is already damaged or old building structure needs to be repaired?

Well, don’t stress as we have few simple yet beneficial tips for you to restore your building as if new. We agree that you must always take professional help for perfect masonry repairs. However, if you are confident enough to do all the work for yourself, then don’t hassle and follow the given expert advice for heritage home renovation in Melbourne to renew your old building.

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Masonry contractors say it is very important if the replacement of mortar is compatible with the old mortar. This is because incompatible replacement mortar may cause more damage to old building brickwork such as deterioration, cracking or rot on a mortar.

Experts in brick repair further add that you may apply lime mortar on historic masonry as it allows giving whole new life to the old mortar work. Always try to use quality materials to avoid unattractiveness and prolong durability.

Masonry contractors suggest mixing a thick paste of mortar to apply on joints for smooth fixation. To repair cracked mortars, experts in brick repair recommend covering up the fresh mortar joints with cello tape or polyethylene so that it gets fixed nicely without any distortion.

In addition to that, painting contractors recommend using latex or other modern paint coatings so that mortar and brick can retain the right amount of moisture. When you begin painting after repairs, do strip off old paint thoroughly for a better look at the walls after repainting.

These were a few quick tips from Melbourne restoration experts to renew your old building structure.

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