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In limited use conditions found in discount coupons, the product supplier or store require a minimum order amount total for a discount to work. One example is this 15% off $100orders.In this case the shopper must spend at least a minimum of $100. There are however different interpretations of discounts like this. What about if your order reaches $200? How will this discount be taken? Will the buyer get $30 from his $200 purchase order or he will only get $15 which is the 15% for the $100 and get nothing from the next $100 to total into $200.

Well in cases like this, as a customer you have the option of making several orders to maximize getting a discount for 15% off $100 orders. But it will usually be resolved since you are a favored customer and the manufacturer or reseller cannot afford giving you the chance of leaving and opting to go to other suppliers (who will be more than willing to drop their prices just to get your orders). The competitor can surely give you even a higher discount just to make you stay with them. Or, they might offer you another set of discount and bargain for increased orders within a span of one year.