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You might think that all bamboo sheets are created equal, but the truth is that there are different types that come at different price points. Some bamboo sheets are extremely cheap (around $25 a set) while other sets can run into over $200. Which type you get depends on your budget, but you should definitely believe the old adage: you get what you pay for.

Bamboo sheets are made from rayon that has been produced from chemically treated and processed bamboo cellulose. This is the cheapest type of bamboo sheets that you're going to find and you can expect the level of quality to be cheap, as well. They're good if you just need a new set of sheets for a year or two, but expect the durability to be exactly what you paid for. They'll tear more easily, pill, and show signs of wear. You'll get about the same type of mileage out of bamboo cotton blend sheets, as well. Learn more on Bed Space.

Bamboo modal sheets are a little bit better, but a little more expensive. They absorb moisture pretty well, so are great for people who sleep a little warmer at night than others.

Bamboo lyocell sheets are the best quality overall. They're durable, moisture wicking, resist wrinkling, and don't pill nearly as easily as their $25 counterparts. These will run you $0 to $250 per set, though. Not much more than that, however. If you want sheets that will last you decades, you're looking at Egyptian cotton, but that's more than what most people want to spend, which is generally over $500 to $1000 for a single set.