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Why invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate? Ask the international resort companies; they're the ones who continue investing millions of dollars into the area.

The fact that they're building new hotels, adding new tourist options and infrastructure to the area both shows that tourism is very healthy here, and that a Puerto Vallarta Beachfront Condo is a good buy, to make an understatement. You can search mls properties through online realtors websites.

One example of this is the Camino Real group, which currently has a budget of between 120 and 150 million dollars to expand in Mexico, with a focus on beach destinations.

Of the five destinations chosen, two are Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, a newer suburb of Puerto Vallarta which is a favorite for American and Canadian real estate buyers.

The company also has a five year plan to expand to places like Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Bogota and Panama City in South and Central America, as well as remodel its hotels in Guadalajara, Huatulco and Mexico City. But Vallarta is topping the list of important expansions.

Another major beachfront resort company, Barcelo, has just invested 12.9 million US in remodelling its Vallarta location. The company also invested a large sum into beautifying and maintaining the stretch of beachfront by this property.

Barcelo Hotels & Resorts is in position 24 among the hotel chains around the world with 184 resorts in 17 countries, totaling more than 47,000 rooms.