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What are winches?

Winches are equipment used for winding a cable, such that the resulting pressure pulls the object. The winch drum is driven by air, manually or by hydraulics or electricity. They are made from fabricated steel to carry a specific capacity of the load. Simple manual winches, consist only of a cable wound around a barrel. Industrial winches are somewhatcomplicated.

Electric cable pulling winch

An electric cable pulling winch is the best solution for installing bulky and long length cables in problematic locations. They are run through electricity and are easier to operate than the manually run winches. It reduces workforce and is thus cost-effective. Moreover, the job is performed much faster and is safer. They are light in weight, compact and therefore portable.


Uses of electric winch

Electric cable pulling winchhas various purposes rather than only for cable laying. They are also used to drag vehicles or boats. They are also used to move parts of heavy equipment.Specific models available are for internal use in tunnels and buildings. You can take the advice of your supplier to select the appropriate winch required for your purpose.

Maintenance of an electric winch

An electric cable pulling winch requires regular maintenance. After completion of your work, you should check the winch properly. If there is any damage done to the wire rope, you should immediately consider replacing it. The wire rope and remote control of the winch must be well cleaned after each use. You should keep a check on the functioning of batteries and cables to ensure smooth working.