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Making unified glass art is a process in which each piece of glass is combined together to make a new piece of glass. The effects that can be achieved by this process are truly beautiful. The first step to making a piece of glass that blends together is to choose the right type of glass. All glass contracts and expands when heated.

When making a broken glass fragment, it is very important that the types of glass used have the same expansion coefficient, which means that everything develops and contracts at the same rate. Fused art glass artists use various pieces of glass and rods, cut with glass cutters, also make pieces for finished designs.

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Next, the artist will assemble glass pieces into an attractive design. This is where creativity comes. Some artists choose to keep their designs simple, using only a few layers of glass and simple geometric shapes. Other artists get quite complicated with their designs, using many different colours and layers of glass.

After the piece is installed, it is heated in the kiln. This step by itself requires a little skill and creativity. The temperature used, as well as the amount of time spent in the furnace, will affect the finished part. Firing a kiln can take hours, depending on the desired effect.