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One of the main reasons why hair starts to fall out or stop growing is due to the hormone called DHT.  When you have excessive DHT flowing through your bloodstream, it tends to hinder the growth of your hair follicles which obviously will disrupt the growth of hair.

 DHT binds to your genetically predisposed hair follicles which results from the suppression and shrinkage of your hair. If you want the best treatment for your hair fall then you can click here at https://puregrow.no/produkt/pure-grow-konsentrat-sjampo-2/.

Hair Transplant Surgery - If you are among those few that could manage this type of operation, this may be the best option you can take.

This surgery involves transplanting the hair in the back of your head and moving it to the regions of your mind where you are balding. The hair at the back of your head is vital because it is unaffected by the DHT compound. 

Best Option - Herbal DHT Blockers - If you are like most people and cannot afford hair transplant operation, do not worry, there are other viable options. There are herbal pills that block DHT very effectively on your scalp.

They accomplish this with herbal nutritional supplements contained in one capsule that has been proven to stop hair reduction after a few weeks of use. Most also contain the significant Saw Palmetto ingredient which helps to additional block DHT.