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Our home is the utmost important investment and asset for us. And discovering a termite invasion can be surely infuriating and disturbing. But a vital aspect should be kept in mind, that termite activities are mostly detected when already an extensive destruction has been done. Therefore, the termite control method should be thoroughly planned and it is always better to hire expert service providers who use latest technologies and products and also offer continuous monitoring to assure the overall protection of your most prized possession, your home.

It is always advisable to embrace a preventive approach to keep away termites. For this reason, the trained termite controllers offer barrier treatments which are specially designed to stop termites from moving into the structures. The barrier treatments are effective for current termite invasions too, as they prevent termites, present in any structure, from reaching the soil to acquire moisture without which they cannot survive.

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Certain termite barriers in Brisbane are fitted during the pre-construction phase, whereas others can be used later after construction. Usually barriers come in two forms:

1. Chemical or Conventional Barriers

It is the most prevalent technique of treatment and the chemicals are applied to the soil, surrounding the home. These provide effective control of present and future invasions, when applied in appropriate method and concentration.

2. Physical Barriers

Physical barriers are intended to stop termites from getting into particular areas of the structure wherever their invasion might remain undetected. Physical barriers comprise of installations of sand and small particles of basaltic rocks, and putting stainless steel mesh during the construction phase of the home.

Other than putting barriers, termite invasions require constant monitoring.