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A serviced apartment is a house which is specifically designed for travelers from all over the planet either to get for a short period of time or long period of time.

These serviced apartments in Shanghai could be leased for temporary for a couple of weeks or even short term of a one month/year.

A lot of serviced apartments in Shanghai gives amenities of physical activity equipment or a gymnasium inside a flat. Such as Joanna Serviced Apartment and if you want to buy it then visit


In Shanghai, serviced apartments ranging from one-bedroom apartments to two bedroom apartments.

A serviced apartment gives a lot of facilities which hotels cannot give like washing machine, television, oven, high-speed internet, refrigerator, all for the family’s private use.

Remember that there's a weekly maid service available. If you want daily maid service, then you pay for it.

It is extremely advisable to always inform the manager in the serviced apartment of something that is broken once you arrive and anything else at the time you leaving.

If you are planning to book a serviced apartment then you visit joanna real website and get all the necessary information about the apartments, dates of availability, the amenities and many more you want.