Keep your Dogs Healthy, Happy and Active

Cannot say if it is hard or cute but do you remember the first time you were holding a little fur-ball that was your new puppy and suddenly one day it is an older dog with certain mental and physical needs.

He is not as quick as he was once used to be; he is not able to hear you come and will not be on the door anymore waiting for you. He is taking a little longer to get up from the floor. 

You can have a look for the best dog foundation organization that is helping such dogs to be happy and healthy once again.

The dog who has the age of 6 years is medically classified as a senior dog. You will apparently start to see changes in their body in front of your eyes. 

Additional care and prevention is a way to care for the senior dog. You can keep his mind and body healthy and happy for a long time by caring for them. 

Three ways to keep your dog happy, active, and comfortable:

1. It is important to schedule your veterinarian visits every single year. You need to get a full examination for your dog to do as a priority. 

2. You have to keep his teeth extra clean to make your dog be away from Plaque and tartar build-ups. You can give him toys to chew, and take him for cleanings when necessary. 

3. You need to keep good weight on your dog and maintain his muscles. When your dog is not able to go for a long walk, exercise can be a part of his daily regimen.