How To Wear The Cape Dress

Cape is a big fall/winter 2010 women's fashion trend and a great alternative to winter coat outerwear. The idea of wearing a cape can see a bit daunting, particularly because you don't want to end up looking like a superhero character! If you pay attention to your body shape, you can style the cape to make it a fabulous choice for any occasion.

How To Wear The Cape Dress

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The cape gives you more freedom with your arms, and can look much more chic and classy than a normal jacket. There are all sorts of styles of capes, from wintry wool to silk. Military is another key trend which you can find in capes.

The colors to watch out for this season are the famous camel, jet black, dark red, and anthracite. This short robe model is known as a cape and is ideal to wear on your party dress during the holiday season.

There is another version that is longer with thigh length. It's best not to wear thick clothes under your robes as this can make you heavier than yourself. Some options also have a hood to keep you warm and protected during winter.

You should always take your body shape into consideration before you purchase a cape, as this will help determine which style will suit you best. Models with a lightweight design work best for this body shape. The perfect way for slim women to put on their robes is to wear tight jeans and high heels or boots. You can shop with friends.

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