Understanding How Poor Biomechanics Affects the Foot

The weekly livestream, PodChatLive which is a live show for Podiatrists for getting some free ongoing continuing learning has had on a lot of outstanding and well known guests from the podiatry profession that generously as well as freely give there time for it to respond to questions and discuss their area of expertise. The videos of the live chat are stored on YouTube as well as the website and the audio edition is on most podcast websites. An early on guest in the livestreams was Dr. Kevin Kirby, DPM in which he described his seminal and widely used publication on rotational equilibrium, his thoughts about the tissue stress concept and also his opinion on whether or not any latest knowledge of Root Theory is required to assess and effectively take care of our clients. The questions created some useful discussion throughout the livestream.

Kevin Kirby graduated in 1983 from the California College of Podiatric Medicine and then carried out his required surgical residency in Palo Alto, California at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital. He then spent his second post-graduate year carrying out the Fellowship in Podiatric Biomechanics at CCPM where he also attained his MS degree.

Dr. Kirby has released or co-authored 28 publications in professional periodicals, has written or co-authored five chapters in books, and has now authored 5 books on foot and lower extremity biomechanics and foot orthotic treatment, all of which have recently been translated into Spanish language versions. Kevin established the Subtalar Joint Axis Palpation Technique, the Anterior Axial Radiographic Projection, the Supination Resistance Test, the Maximum Pronation Test and the Medial Heel Skive and Lateral Heel Skive Techniques. He has in addition developed and designed the Subtalar Joint Axis Location and Rotational Equilibrium Theory of Foot Function and has now co-developed the Subtalar Joint Equilibrium and Tissue Stress Approach to Biomechanical Therapy of the Foot and Lower Extremity. Dr Kirby has spoken publicly worldwide on lots of occasions and has on top of that lectured substantially all over the USA.